Monday, November 14, 2005

Mother, should I trust the government?
- Pink Floyd
Funny how Bu$h won't allow us to see the caskets of the dead return from Iraq. In every other war this country has ever embroiled itself in, access to such images was not denied, was not forbidden. It was part of war, a stark reminder of the sacrifices of these young men and women. But with this admini$tration, EVERYTHING is different. Acts once considered the norm, an accepted practice detailing bravery and the ultimate sacrifice, are now hidden shamefully away under the cover of darkness. No cameras allowed, no grieving family members, no reporters detailing their final return to the country they swore to protect. No, with this admini$tration, everything is different.
Traditions once thought sacred in this country are now forbidden, hidden from public scrutiny and kept secret. There is something totally wrong here.....these are OUR fellow Americans, killed in an occupation that we all SUPPOSEDLY support. Paid for by OUR tax dollars. Do we not have a right to watch their final homecoming? Do we not have a right to grieve alongside the families? Bu$h thinks not. Their homecoming treated like a shameful act. It is shameful, shameful to this admini$tration for embroiling us in this conflict in the first place. As Commander and Chief it is Bu$h's responsibility to send young men to war, but it is ALSO his responsibility to make sure that they are never put in harms way unless absolutely necessary. The men and women in the military should feel safe knowing their skills will NEVER be called into use unless this country has been attacked or is ABOUT to be attacked. Here, Bu$h has failed them. And failed them miserably.
So is it shame or embarrassment that keeps the coffins snuck into the country in the middle of the night?? Or is it something more nefarious? Could the real reason that our newspapers and magazines and television screens are devoid of images of our dead be Bu$h's attempt to silence criticism of this horrid occupation we are mired in? If we don't see the images, are they really happening? If all we see are a string of ever increasing numbers, do we attribute these souless digits to human lives? Americans are extremely visual. If we don't see it, then in our minds it's not there. It didn't really happen. By censoring the media from pictures of our dead, Bu$h has essentially denied their existence. We don't see them, therefore we don't consider them. They don't register in our consciousness. They're not there.
What a brilliant plan by these murderous demons who have seized control of our government. Make the dead a non topic for the apathetic citizenry. Out of sight......out of mind. We go about our everyday meaningless activities, happily unenlightened to the horrors of combat. We exist in a well insulated box, only receiving news and images the government deems fit for public consumption. Our media is censored. Pictures of the dead, of the coffins returning to America, should be posted on billboards on every major roadway. They should be on placards at the counter of every Starbucks in every city in this country. They should be flashed indiscriminately on every worthless television show the sheep in this country are obsessed with. They should be at the checkout counter at every store of every mall in America, on every coffee cup and every fast food takeout bag. Plastered to the gas pumps they died defending. THEN......THEN American's would awaken from their apathy induced comas and start to speak up. Start to demand an end to the senseless killings and gross disfigurements of BOTH their own countrymen and the innocent civilians in Iraq. THEN they'd take to the streets in droves, demanding an end to this occupation. Demanding IMPEACHMENT of this uber-corrupt president and his criminal admini$tration.
Do I believe the figure the government feeds us in regards to the number of dead? Of course not. Why???? Well first off, it's told to us by THIS government and as I stated before, I BELIEVE NOTHING THEY TELL US. NOTHING. And secondly, I find it strange how the number of deaths reported in Iraq pertains ONLY to those killed right there in Iraq, on the ground. It doesn't ever seemingly include those who die in the hospitals. Example.....the figure will remain stagnant until we hear that someone was blown to shit by an IED or shot or whatever awful way they die. So lets say nobody gets blown to bits for a month. The figure never moves UNTIL that death occurs. You mean to tell me that NOBODY has died at a hospital during this time?? We never hear of the death toll rising due to someone succumbing to their injuries while at a hospital. The figure ONLY goes up when someone dies right there IN IRAQ as the incident occurs. Interesting, huh? I read a website where they claim the government is ONLY attributing those physically killed there, in Iraq, towards the death toll. If you die later at a hospital in Germany or wherever, you are not counted. This is apparently true, for a I pointed out.....the death toll never goes up (NEVER) unless a soldier dies IN THE COUNTRY OF IRAQ. Nice.
What is the TRUE death toll? Who the fuck knows. I've read between 4,000 and 6,000. Whatever it is, it's too high. It's too high a figure for a "war" that was started on lies , promulgated by our OWN government, and fought NOT by the families of those who wanted this war, those who started this war, those who LIED to, it's fought by those who couldn't afford to go to college so they enrolled in the military to obtain a degree, those who felt they needed guidance in life and hoped the military could provide it, those who wanted to travel and see the world, and those who simply wanted to fight for their country. Instead, they ended up fighting NOT for this country, but for the oil companies, for profits, for big business. It's time to end these lies and out these criminals from the White House. It's time to stop the senseless slaughter and BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!!!!!!!