Sunday, October 30, 2005

The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on. He took a face from the ancient gallery and he.....walked on down the hall! He went in to the room where his sister lived and....then he paid a visit to his brother and then he......he walked on down the hall! And he came to a door and he looked inside. "Father" yes son?, "Iwant to kill you." "Mother, I want to..........." - The Doors
I do my best thinking I believe in the car. Usually
at night, while I'm speeding. I speed. I'm fairly sure that if I suffer a "premature" death it will be the result of a car accident. Maybe its better that way, hopefully I wont suffer. Just BAM... And your gone. So back to thinking. I have crazy thoughts some times (most of the time). Thoughts that seem good (rational?) at the time but after they have time to settle, it turns out they're always crazy. I have learned not to act on these thought when they occur or usually tragedy will ensue. So I drive home and let them marinate. Usually they'll dissipate and I'll have forgotten them by morning. Sometimes they hang around for a while, itching me somewhere in my deep subconsciousness. This blog was one of these "brilliant" thoughts. Somewhere I could let it all out, preach what I see as the truth. My mother warned me that I'd probably get arrested for treason (she's always thinking you're gonna get arrested. That's her big fear). But I said "fuck it" the truth isn't being spoken. The media is under the total control of the Bu$h administration. It's criminal. So if I'm destined to get arrested for telling it like I see it, then so be it. But I'm not going down without one hell of a fight.
When will this country wake up and see what the government is doing to us? I'm starting to think never. Americans are so apathetic and lazy. Pathetic. As long as the fucking malls are still open and they still chat endlessly (about nothing of importance) on their ridiculous cell phones, then they're content. When will they wake up? When they draft is started and their precious young child must go fight in this war that they have been conveniently ignoring? When their child must go fight alongside the blacks and the poor? People in this country will awaken from the slumber they've been in for the last fifty years when their rights are taken away. When the government and these Christo-facists come for THEM. Until then, they'll remain asleep. As long as some other group is affected (like the homo's....right??? The FAGS?!!) they will keep their mouths shut and continue sucking their silver spoons.
This morning Bu$h nominated ANOTHER Right wing Christo-fascist to the highest, most powerful court in the land. When will we stop these people? When will the people rise up and and take their country back? Do we want to live in a country like Afghanistan?? Run by the Christian version of the Taliban?? That's exactly what these people are. They want to send us back to the first century AD. We should all spend our days prostrate like the Muslims. Mumbling and rocking back and forth reciting the Koran ad nauseum. Except we'd be reciting whatever version of the New Testament they find acceptable. With the parts they DON'T want you to read either removed or blacked out. These people are fucking sick. I hate religion, its simply the worst thing that has ever happened to us as humans. Its the backbone for all wars and hatred. It's a mental disorder, and these people are sick. Christians, Jews and Muslims. Sick. If someone obsessed on Old Mother Hubbard like these people do on their fairy tale, they'd be locked up or shunned. Don't write me comments telling me I'm going to hell, or how religion saved you or how religious you are because I simply dont care. I You have a mental problem and I'm not interested in hearing from you. Just like I'm disintrested in hearing from a schizophrenic or a pedophile, I do not want to hear from the religious right.
Fundamentalist Christians can FUCK OFF! If this offends you, don't read it.