Monday, October 31, 2005


Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, as the flames rose to her Roman nose and her walkman started to melt
- The Smiths

I am disgusted by the appointment of this Alito Nazi to the Supreme Court. And I am going to assume that he'll be appointed because for the last FIVE YEARS the Democratic party have sat on their hands and kept their worthless mouths shut. Not once have they stood up and pounded this criminal administration for their crimes and lies. Not ONE TIME. They allowed Bu$hCo. to LIE us into a war for monetary gain. They allowed Bu$shCo. to threaten the pathetic American populace with terror threats every time Bu$h's approval ratings dropped. Christ, they allowed the Supreme Court to decide the 2000 election!!!! I am totally nauseated by the Democratic party. They beg me for money constantly. And they always receive the same reply from me...."You will get your $$$$$ when you STAND UP and start raising holy hell" and so far, they haven't come thru. And I doubt they will. Are they afraid to "offend" their Rethuglican counterparts?? WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!!? Are they afraid they will offend the Christo-fascists ????? What about the regular, sane people in this country. Those Atheists like myself and the "sensible" religious believers. Those who do not WISH to be ruled by THEIR Bible and THEIR fucked off ways???! Religion should be outlawed. It's destroying this country and its destroying the world.

Howard Dean should be standing on desktops at CNN and screaming about corruption and murder and lies. Instead, he's mute. Where were our Democratic leaders on September 24th when myself and 500,000 of my fellow Americans marched on Washington demanding these criminals be removed from office?? Where were they when the 2,000th American soldier was murdered by this government in Iraq? Where were they when all these bills were passed through congress allowing for the destruction and subsequent annihilation of our NON-RENEWABLE environment???? Where were they when the Downing Street memo was discovered, PROVING once and for all that these criminals LIED to us about this war?? Where were they when our civil rights were shit on by the passing of the Patriot Act? Where were they when Bu$h appointed all his fucking buddies to positions of importance in our government? Where were they when poor black people were left to beg for help atop their roofs when Katrina and the subsequent levee failure caused the flooding of New Orleans? Where were they when MERCENARIES were deployed in the streets of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??????!!!!

Where were they when Bu$h decided to suspend the Davis-Bacon Act??? Or when Bu$hCo. decided that the POOR POOR oil companies should receive tax breaks while the taxes on the middle class were raised?? Or when Bu$hCo. decides to offer up TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS to pay for the rebuilding of New Orleans???? And wouldn't consider the rescinding of his tax breaks on the rich to pay for it??? No, they're gonna cut funding to the poor, funding to the CDC and various other cuts that affect you and me and let the rich skate free. Where were they when a Federal prosecutor finds that White House insider I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby (idiot) intentionally leaked a CIA agents name as payback because her husband dared to say their claim that Iraq was buying yellow cake in Niger (their main claim for going to war against a country that never attacked us!!!) WAS FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, the dems have kept their fucking mouths SHUT. They should be screaming from pulpits erected on every street corner. They should be shutting down the government in protest. They should be getting arrested with us in the streets.

And speaking of getting arrested.... Cindy Sheehan is a hero. Period. She is the Rose Parks of my time. She dared to sit on Bu$h's fucking bus when ONLY lilly white Christo-fascists were allowed. And the slander of her by these Reich-wing conservative talk show assholes is ridiculous. Who is Rush Limbaugh to speak on ANYONE!!? He's a fucking DRUG ADDICT! And when did people start believing drug addicts? Seriously. Let's say a crackhead got a radio show. Everyone knew this person smoked tons of crack and came on the air cracked outta their minds. Would anyone listen to this peron and believe ANY of their wild ravings????

I guess if they preached about Jesus and were anti-abortion, then hey...crack would be the thing. JESUS would be speaking through them!!! FUCK......YOU. Fuck you Sean Hannity, Fuck you Bill O'Reilly, Fuck you Michael Gallagher, Fuck you Michael Medved, Fuck you Bill Bennett, Fuck You Hugh Hewitt, Fuck you Dennis Prager, Fuck you Laura Ingram (you got your cancer from bad karma, you ignorant, lying bitch) , Fuck you Rush Limbaugh and Fuck you Michelle Malkin (stop desperately trying to be thought of as're not. Embrace you ethnic diversity, don't shit on it). To all of those I have forgotten, Fuck you too. You people are ignorant, WHORES for this amdmini$tration. What does Bu$h's dick taste like, cuz its been marinating in your mouths for so long that it should be well done. So go cry about Bill Clinton some more...bring up nonsense that occurred back in the '90's. Ignore the destruction of Liberty. Don't worry, when the bottom falls out and are debts are being called in, we're all fucked just the same.