Monday, October 31, 2005

About Gods, I don't believe in none of that shit, your facts are backwards
- Nas
I dont believe in God. I don't believe in any religion. If that offends you or you think I'm going to hell because I haven't accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, well tough fucking luck. I've seen these hyper-religious types....they're dull. They're in need of a night (just ONE NIGHT) of good sex. They need to do something with their lives besides preach their lame bullshit to others, going to church/synagogue/mosque incessantly and finding ways to infringe upon MY rights. Religion is no more than a fairytale. We don't we worship the Three Bears or The Seven Dwarves, but these stories hold about the same amount of water. Religion was a nice way to control the people before there were unified police forces. A way to ensure that people would not kill indiscriminately.....put the fear of "God" in them. Scare them to death. Threaten them.

Children should not be allowed to attend any sort of religious service until they are 21. When they're old enough to think for themselves, to make up their OWN minds. What happens now is these children are literally brainwashed by their parents and by the church/mosque/synagogue. Would we permit a child to join a cult? Absolutely not. Unless its a religious cult. Religion terrifies me. How can someone say that if you don't believe in what I BELIEVE (note the word BELIEVE) then you are going to hell? That's the most preposterous, dangerous, self righteous statement I have ever heard. And its pathetic. People with Ivy League degrees claim this. What does that tell you about all these fancy degrees floating around out there. It's easy to be booksmart, dealing with real life is where intelligence really comes in to play. I find it strange and convenient how NOTHING from the supposed "biblical" era can be proved. They know where George Washington spent the night at Valley Forge, they know where the Roman emperors lived and where they're buried. They probab;y know every toilet where Adolf Hitler ever took a shit.

We don't have physical evidence (not ONE SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE??) of the existence of Jesus. His body can't be produced because it was conveniently "returned to heaven." The whole physical body was apparently lifted up and disappeared into the clouds. To go where? Who knows. They don't have any pieces of the cross. They don't have the remains of any of his followers. Nothing was ever saved that was written by Jesus. I mean, if this was THE.. SON..OF..GOD wouldn't you think someone would have kept SOMETHING??? One little piece of physical evidence??? I guess not. And people save everything. EVERYTHING! So none of this can be proved. The religious types tell you you have to have "faith" which means you're simply SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE it because they say so. Well I choose to believe its all crap. And this crap is ruining my country.

They will make it illegal to have an abortion because THEY think it's taking an innocent life. But they don't care about these children once they're born, and if these prescious lives commit a murder when they get older....they'll gladly sentence them to death. Here's a simple solution to the abortion problem....IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ABORTION DO NOT HAVE ONE. How simple was that? Problem solved. But no, the real issue with abortion is that these religious types want to control you. THEY want to say what you can do with your own body. Will they outlaw tattoos because this is desecration of the human temple? Isn't that mentioned in the Bible? How about other medical procedure? Will they outlaw breat implants because they somehow lead to pornography?

This country is headed downhill and downhill fast. And its all because of these Christo-fascists and their radical beliefs. What part of the populcae actually believes this crap? I couldn't believe it when I read that 85% of Americans believe in creationism. That just blew my mind. Can 85% of the poulation (250 million people????) really be this amazinly stupid?? THIS brainwashed?? I have an idea for these people....if you don't believe in evolution, if you don't believe that organisism actually EVOLVE, then you are NOT allowed to get a vaccine for the Avian Flu (Bird Flu) if they ever develop one. Why? Well the whole fear behind the H5N1 virus is that it will mutate (in other words, it will EVOLVE) and become transferable from person to person instead of from bird to bird. So if you don't believe in the theory of evolution, if everything was put on this earth a mere 10,000 years ago in its current form, then you shouldn't fear the bird flu because theoretically, according to YOU, it's impossible for anything to mutate (evolve). So stay away from the flu clinics, Christo-fascists. Leave more for me.